Bel Air, California, has been known for years as a thriving community that has been in existence since 1923. Homes and estates in the area are an ideal place for individuals and families who are seeking an affluent location with plenty of privacy. Located nearly 13 miles away from the center of Los Angeles, Bel Air is close to many stores and attractions.

Bel Air is comprised of three neighborhoods, and they are East Gate Old Bel Air, West Gate Bel Air and Upper Bel Air. Single dwellings make up the majority of buildings within the community. People who are seeking Bel Air Real Estate will discover a nice variety of homes. Older homes date back to the 1920’s while newer homes were built within the past year. Bel Air homes feature many different styles like Spanish Colonial Revival, ranch style and Monterey Colonial. A number of available homes in Bel Air begin around $1 million.

Luxury homes have amenities that appeal to people. Pools are frequently found on the grounds of homes and may be in unique designs that are specifically created to compliment an estate. Multicar garages, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms are common in many estates within the community. Throughout the years, older homes have received renovations and expansions to keep facilities current with the present times. Modern homes may occasionally receive an upgrade or addition.

With the numerous options that are available, people who are interested in Bel Air Real Estate can become overwhelmed.